Let’s go to work!!!


Are you still being in your bed after 20 minutes wake up ?

Most people say ‘yes’ … that’s right!!

Hahaha … me too.

I try to find the way that make me active and would like to go to work

when I wake up suddenly

“Lazy” “Lazy” “Lazy” and “Lazy” … please stay away from me.

Oh !!! I got it. I have some idea.

I have to create the game for myself.

I like dressing up … so I can set my dress to matching with the color of a day.

Monday is yellow.

Tuesday is pink.

Wednesday is green.

Thursday is orange.

Friday is blue.

Hahaha … maybe it makes me enjoy to go to work.

When I am bored in this game, I will change it.

I will set my game to matching with the accessories

such as earrings, ring, necklace, watch, shoes, … , etc.

Hahaha … wa wa wa wowwwwwwwwwww …

I want to go to work NOW.

Let’s go !!!

(I will insert the example picture in a couple week later)



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