Greyhound Cafe… in a holiday

While some people are arguing that what we are doing in a holiday.

I am planning for special meal in a restaurant.

“Greyhound Cafe” I choose it.

Greyhound Cafe has many branches in Thailand.

The atmospheres of each branch is not same but it’s not quite different.

I and my friend order Thai beer (CHA-LA-WAN) and Strawberry Swing.

and then we order Deep Fried Chicken Wing, Spicy Salmon and Fried Rice with Dried Meat

We are spending time with something that made us happy.

It’s simple but it’s good.

Not only taste of food but place is nice also.

We talk about our next trip, work and life.

Time pass quickly by happiness

so next holiday we will choose this restaurant if we are in Bangkok.

Hahaha … the second time start …

We would like to try the new menu.

We order Spaghetti with Dried Chilli and Bacon, Japanese Seaweed Spicy Salad,

Fried Calamari and Crispy Salmon with Mix Mango Salad.

And I found it!

My favourite drink is SOM SOM.

Try it!!! You will be falling in love with it.


My friend orders soft drink. The taste seem to be

passion fruit juice and lemonade mix together.

Oh, Wow!!!

Greyhound Cafe is a nice place for meeting with your friends

or dating with your special one.


See you next holiday.



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